3 Things You Need To Know About Getting A Patent

If you have invented something new, the first thing you need to do is apply for a patent. A patent protects your invention from being stolen and used by someone else. Because patents fall under the broad umbrella of intellectual property law, sometimes it can be quite difficult to understand everything relating to patents. Here are three things you need to know about getting a patent. 1. Your U.S. patent is only good in the U. Read More 

Probate Avoidance Options

The amount of time that your estate remains in probate can vary by state. For instance, in Nevada, it can take a minimum of up to 180 days. In Oregon, it could take as much as nine months. If you want to avoid probate and ensure your heirs get their part of your estate as soon as possible, you need to take action now.  Why Is Avoiding Probate Important? The biggest reason for avoiding probate is that it prevents your heirs from taking immediate ownership of the possessions left to them. Read More 

Three Common Misconceptions About Whistleblower Laws Employees Need To Know

Whistleblowing is an area of employee law and government law that can be poorly understood. Whistleblowing can occur in either the private or public sector. When a servant of the government discloses government impropriety, it's considered public sector whistleblowing and that individual is governed by federal law. But when whistleblowing occurs in the public sector -- such as an employee disclosing illegal actions within the workplace -- it is a private sector issue. Read More 

Protecting Your Business Concepts During Development: Tips To Prevent Intellectual Property Theft

Coming up with a unique new business concept or product can be exciting, but if you don't protect your idea while you're building the business, you risk having the idea stolen by a competitor or even a potential investor. Here are some of the things that you should consider to protect your concepts while you're building your start-up business. Be Selective About What You Say The hardest part about protecting a new business idea is researching the market and finding investors without revealing too much about your concept. Read More 

Why You Should Hire An Estate Planning Attorney For Your Will

When it comes to figuring out your last will and testament, it is rather important to make sure that you have an estate planning attorney by your side. If you are unsure as to why this is, you might want to take a few small moments to checks out the following reasons. This way, you can make the most informed decision for how you are going to complete your last will and testament. Read More