What Is An International Trade Attorney?

If you're thinking about hiring an international trade attorney, you probably would like to know what exactly they can do for you. Much like international trade itself, the job covers a lot of possible topics. It's doubtful you'll need your lawyer to tackle every possible task they're qualified to handle, but it'll also be good to know they can deal with whatever comes up.

Customs, Tariffs, and Duties

The rules for items moving in and out countries are always challenging to nail down. In particular, most countries want to know that they're getting their piece of everything that goes in and out of their ports. Your company doesn't want to end up on the wrong side of that equation because it may mean having orders impounded for weeks, months, or even years. Especially if you operate a global supply chain, you can't afford delays of merely days.

To that end, you'll need to know what you're expected to pay and how to pay it. Likewise, you'll want to know who to trust with payments, especially in countries where officials sometimes stray outside their official collection duties.

Tax Structures

Where items are taxed and at what rates are major reasons why companies engage in international trade. This can get very complex, especially if components flow to one country and then move on to another as finished products.

For example, steel might be taxed at one rate in one country while finished automobiles are taxed at a different rate in another one. This can influence where the steel is bought and where the car is built. An international trade attorney can help you explore ways to keep the tax bills at both ends of the process as low as possible. Such arrangements can be difficult to navigate, especially in countries with strong trade protections or concerns about market dumping.


The question of venue, or what region's laws apply when you go to court, can be tricky even when you're just dealing with trade across two U.S. states. Scale that up to multiple countries and you may find yourself at a total loss for where a dispute should even be litigated.

Unsurprisingly, most parties try to push for venue clauses in contracts that will give them the most favorable hearings. An international trade attorney can help you assess the terms of contracts to determine whether your organization's rights and interests are being protected.

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